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Environment for sensitive mirrors – Story Bearers
Ambiente sensibile
Milan, Palazzo Reale, Sala delle Cariatidi, retroperspective exhibition "Sensitive Images", 2016

MIRACOLO A MILANO is a sensitive environments that belongs to Studio Azzurro's artistic soul. They were among the first to realize interactive installations in the 1990's using different types of sensors and by involving the observers mainly with their touch inside the installation, transforming them in actors. In 2016 in Milan a retroperspective exhibition of Studio Azzurro's works from the 1980's until today was organized (Sensitive Images) that was also an hommage to Paolo Rosa, one of the founder, who died in 2013. In this occasion they created this new sensitive environment – environment for sensitive mirrors – Story Bearers

Miracle in Milan was created with the intention of making an “invisible” city patent. We do not say “invisible” because it is faint and dreamy, but because it is little known or even avoided. Milan is punctuated with structures to accommodate the homeless and the poor. They are places of great privacy; we pass by them every day, even in the city centre, without noticing them. The economic crisis of these past few years has forced many people into sudden financial trouble, involving even some who would have never expected to become destitute, who went through unpredictable incidents that compromised their everyday life. For this reason unexpectedness has become a distinguishing mark for this installation, which is part of the Story Bearers cycle. The visitor will not choose who to listen to this time. Once s/he is in front of one of the four great sensitive mirrors, he will see his/her reflection for a moment; right afterwards, while the reflection fades away, someone will emerge from darkness, stopping in front of him/her and briefly telling something in confidence. Relieved of such story, the figure jumps and soars into the sky in the great oval at the centre of the room, joining those who are already flying among the clouds in the azure sky of Milan.

Technical Description
8 videoprojectors
4 sensitive mirrors
6 display integrated player
8 media player
4 motion detectors

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