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DELFI, cantata

(translation by Vicenzo Sansone)

Experimental performance
Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico, Conversazioni 2016

"I am tired, as if I too belonged to the family of the sculptures and I had their own years."
        Yannis Ritsos

DELFI, cantata, stages Yannis Ritsos’s homonym poem and it was proposed by Studio Azzurro and Moni Ovadia for the first time in 1990, with the original music by Piero Milesi. The solicitation of Change Performing Arts to re-propose the show for the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, so saturated of visions, gave us the opportunity to experiment again and with other tools the theme of the visible. Moni Ovadia’s performance begins in the garden of the theater, carrying the spectators towards the internal steps. The lights goes down, the dancers slowly and carefully retrace the construction of the paradigm of the perfect proportions represented by classical statuary. Their "effort" in achieving this ideal arouses a concrete sound that gradually comes close to the human voice to introduce the discourse of the old man, a tourist guide exhausted by the continuous "showing things without they look at them". Therefore Moni Ovadia starts again the scene and gives his voice to this man’s surprisingly current words, while he observes the tourists that walk without care among the unheeded ruins of the European and Mediterranean history.

Technical description
3 video projectors
3 Supergobelin tulles
2 Kinect sensors
2 PCs
1 audio system
1 lighting system.


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